Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Spring Flower Power

I've been busy planting Summer veggies, and I am now half way there.

However, it's that time of year here where the beautiful flowers end up stealing the show:

The crabapples are putting on a spectacular show

The orange trees are in full bloom with next year's crop

The raspberry canes are now flowering. Yum, we look forward to our first big harvest of berries this year.

The strawberry plants have come to life and are already developing their fruit.

The apricot tree is providing us with our first crop this year, fingers crossed!

And Lavender( back) and Toffee (front) are enjoying the Spring sunshine. They are our two very spoilt bunnies. Lavender is our female, and Toffee is our male. They have both been de-sexed so that no little bunnies appear unwanted. Female rabbits also have a high incidence of developing ovarian cancer as well, so this is why both have been done. 

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