Friday, 1 April 2011

My backyard sanctuary

 I remember when I was only a young girl, living at home with mum and dad and four other siblings, even then I loved to garden. Time went quickly by though and I developed a teenage social life. Gardening was no where to be seen in my life. Then eventually I met the man of my dreams, purchased our first home and started to garden again. The garden was my sanctuary. It gave me, and still does a sense of belonging and peace.
My first garden was a place of colour, flowers everywhere. Bulbs, roses and annuals planted in every corner. It was beautiful.

My children then arrived on the scene and we sold our first home and moved to a larger one. The tree were infested with termites and needed to be treated and removed, so I was left with a clean slate in which to create my dream garden. This was eight years ago.

Vegies weren't my initial focus. Paths were dug, soil improved, grass layed and garden beds formed.
Then five years ago I took an interest in growing my own I'm hooked!
My blog is about sharing and recording the events in my garden. From tomato harvesting and saucing to fertilising the berry patch. Organic vegie growing is what I love to do (but more about that next time)!
My Backyard Sanctuary

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  1. Love the pics. I only wish I had a veggie garden like yours! x