Monday, 9 May 2011

The greenest of greens

Beans and broccoli

How sad I am that my green climbing beans are coming to an end. At their peak I was harvesting two to three large handfuls every few days. They have filled two large climbing frames in my garden and kept my family well fed for weeks. They were originally planted out with seeds back in January. So the space in my garden has been occupied for quite some time. There are some flowers that still remain, but I can't warrant the space being taken up for much longer. So two more weeks and out they go! Peas and snow peas will take their place after some soil improvement.

More and more I have been looking into the use of heirloom seeds in my garden. I have now joined the Digger's Club and are finding them a great source of information.

One of the varieties that I decided to try this year was an old heirloom variety named Lazy Housewife Beans.Unfortunately they don't plant themselves and then walk in the door when they are ready to be eaten. They do however date back to 1802, and were the first fully stringless bean, thus making them less work and giving them their name. They have been fantastic with their production and I will plant them again next year.

I have also commenced my harvesting of broccoli. My first large head was picked last week, and this has given us two meals so far. I have only planted the sprouting variety this year as I am hoping to pick the side shoots for many months to come.

Now to hit the recipe books to see what else can be done with beans and broccoli!

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  1. Snow peas are my fave! Have planted mine and they're creeping their way up the fence :)