Friday, 13 May 2011

Goodbye to our beloved zucchini....or not!

Early last spring we plant our zucchini plant. We love zucchini fritters in our house and knew we would be feasting on them all spring and summer. Our plant grew and grew and regularly produced beautiful green fruit ( yes botanically it is a fruit). We barbecued, grated, and baked our zucchinis, some of them we even left to grow quite large. 

Then come mid March our plant started to die. We excepted that it had served us well and planned it's replacement. How wrong we were! From the base of the plant another off shoot started to grow quite vigorously. Within three weeks we had more zucchinis to pick, how lucky we felt. The weather has now turned miserably 'melbourne' style, so I don't know how much more time we have together. Our large plant at school has given up and died this week, so I imagine the clock is ticking. 

We love our zucchinis and in our veggie garden it is a must to grow every year for us. Below is our favorite thing to do with them. Last week we harvested a 3 kilo zucchini from our school garden, the last to be produced. I made zucchini fritters with it, and was delighted with approximately 20 children gobbling down on them. Even those that exclaimed to me that they 'hated' zucchinis thought they were yum. 

Zucchini fritters:

Three medium zucchinis
A cup of grated tasty cheese
Pepper ( I tend to leave this out as most children don't like it)
One large egg ( sometimes I put two if the zucchinis are large)
Approx. half a cup of plain flour

Mix ingredients together and drop tablespoons into a frypan with a drizzle of olive oil to fry. Serve with sour cream.

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