Monday, 23 May 2011

Big weekend in the patch

I know I already have written about my strawberry patch, but Sunday was such a mildly warm day in Melbourne that I decided to get stuck into my berry patch at long last. It's so hard to make the effort of venturing into the garden when our days turn cooler, so there was no excuse for any further delays.
All the runners from the strawberries were removed and any plants that had taken root in my gravel path were also potted up. I decided to use seed raising mix in my pots for the strawberries as I had plenty of it, and because it is so free draining it was perfect for the job.
All in all I removed a total of over 100 strawberry plants! Sensational for one season. The raspberry canes were also cleaned up by tying any loose canes to the wires that run across the garden bed. Hopefully summer this year will bring us bowls full of organic berries. Yum!

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