Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Eight months on and still going strong- Capsicums

Last October I planted my capsicums, as I do every year. I was very pleased when they really took off and started to produce fruit around December last year. First we started to harvest the sweet yellow capsicums, a great size for a small salad. The green capsicums grew in abundance, however due to Melbourne's cool summer they didn't look as though they were going to ripen. It wasn't till early March that our capsicums started to turn colours. There were red ones first, then the large yellows and even the small sweet ones turned a beautiful orange. Yum!
The great thing about capsicums though is the long season. Mine have been in for over seven months now and I'm sure I could easily extend the season by covering them from the cold if I wanted to extend it through the winter. The bushes are still loaded. There are plenty of green capsicums and sweet yellow still on them. We probably won't protect them from the cold as there is always something new to plant and eat, and we still need the heat to ripen them and change their colours. They certainly are great value In the vegie garden.

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