Sunday, 21 August 2011

Seven signs of the coming of Spring

Spring is definitely in the air here in sunny Melbourne, Australia. I could smell the blossom in the air today as we went for a Sunday walk.......So here's my 7 signs this week why Spring is definitely in the air.....
1.The strawberries are beginning to flower
2.The apricot tree is covered in blossom

3.The raspberry canes are sending out new shoots, and the new canes are appearing in the ground (sorry photo is blurry and my camera has run out of battery power)

 4. Our weather is on the inprove, with days expected in the low 20s this week!!!!!
5. The flowers are in full bloom
6. The chard has really taken off now and is looking great
7. The hydrangers and roses are starting to shoot

10 days to Spring!!!!!

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