Monday, 20 June 2011

Beware of the orange thief!

Something has been slowly, but surely, eating my oranges.

This year, due to our increased rainfall, we have had a bumper crop of oranges. There's only one problem......something is eating them. Every couple of days I go out and check them, and sure enough another one or two have been eaten. It's either a native rat- they love fruit, or a possum. Not sure what to do about it though.
Some of the oranges are even having their skins left on the tree.
At this point I am simply removing the ripe ones before they get eaten.


  1. So disappointing, all those mouthwatering moments waiting for them to ripen, taken away, just like that! I am having the same problem with my passionfruits, I think it is birds, maybe cockatoos, eating into them. GGRR!!!
    I'm going to try some sort of mossie net or something similar over them to protect them.
    This might keep them away...

  2. Good idea, think I might do the same...