Monday, 20 June 2011

Home grown is best

Every week I travel into the Vic Market and visit the organics section to buy any veggies or fruit that we currently are low on in our own garden. We grow a wide variety in our garden, but particularly the fruit side of things always requires a top up. I had always thought that I was doing the best for my family by doing this. I had trusted that when our food in Australia is labelled 'organic', it had to be true.
So here's the thing: currently in Australia there is no independent government body that is testing our organic produce. Anything that is exported is tested, but not the produce that we consume here at home. There are individual farmer's groups that test the produce. The Australian Quarantine Services does accredit these groups, but many experts are still skeptical about their credibility.
So the big question is, 'can we trust what we buy as organic'? Me, I'm not sure, but I will keep buying 'organic', and paying the extra for it.
The verdict - GROW YOUR OWN!!!! it's the only way to guarantee what is used on, or rather what is not, your fresh produce.


  1. Great post!
    I agree, growing your own is best.
    Personally, what I grow isn't enough for us to get by on, especially when I try to each lots and lots of fresh produce, so I put my trust in the 'organic' label too.
    I am really happy with the mixed boxes I buy weekly from Ceres Fair Food as the quality is good and it is sourced from local farmers. I also find that buying a mixed box means that I am paying roughly the same as I would for picking and choosing my own chemical-ridden fruit and veg from the supermarket!

  2. Hi sweeter living, Ceres fair food seems pretty trustworthy, particularly the produce that comes straight from their own veggie gardens. It certainly is something to think about though. I suppose the good thing about organic fruit and veggies is that they look organic. Not so perfect, but still yummy.