Saturday, 4 June 2011

Veggies for partial shade

The other week I wrote about my new garden area. The area has now been cleared and cleaned up.
Upon removal of the bricks that were down there we discovered a number of Red back spiders. Be careful when gardening as they are everywhere in Melbourne now. After many years of dry hot summers they have become a regular visitor to our gardens. So always wear gloves in the garden, and make your children aware of the danger in touching spiders. 
I have added some sheep manure to the area as well as fresh compost from my compost bin. At the back of the garden area I have placed a climbing frame as it is my intention to grow climbing vegetables up it so the view of the water tank is blocked.
Over the last week I have researched which veggies will grow here and many of the leafy greens will do well. So broccoli will be planted in the next week, more cauliflowers, boc choy, rocket, spinach, as well as some more snow peas and climbing peas next to the climbing frames. It will be a little bit of an experiment to see what does well. I'll have the before and after photos on next time.

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