Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pear tree purchase

Two weeks ago I pulled out one of our passionfruit vines. We had three in our backyard, and this one didn't perform as well as the others last summer. So out it went, and now I have a beautiful large space alongn my fence line in full sun. My plans are to plant one or maybe even two pear trees. I have done my research and narrowed it down to a few different varieties that will perform well here in Melbourne. The first is the Red Sensation pear, a beautiful fruit to look at, which be forms well here. The second on the short list is William Bon Chretien, or William pear as we know it here. This is probably the best choice so far, as it is a prolific fruiter, and is self polinating. Although it will be even more productive if there are two. My intensions are to espalier them along the fence.

Any ideas??? would love to here from anyone in this region who has a pear tree as to what variety it is.

At this stage I think I will probably be putting in one of each variety. This way their fruiting season will be longer as they fruit at different times.

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