Sunday, 17 July 2011

Time to sow tomatoes

Last year my youngest daughter loved picking the ripe tomatoes and bringing them indoors for me to cook with. We bottled numerous amounts of tomato sauce made from these, and are still slowly going through our supply over winter.
At the end of the season, she collected the seeds from our favorite Roma tomatoe plants ( great for sauce) and dried and stored them for me.
July is the perfect time to sow these indoors, and we have done just that in the last week. They will remain in our warm laundry until they have produced their second set of leaves. Then we will transfer them down to our green house, which is a little warmer, for a couple of weeks. Then we will harden them off in a protected outdoor area before planting them out in spring.
We checked them today, and to our surprise they had already popped up after only six days.


  1. Oh I will have to get some seeds in, our tomato harvest was a dissapointment last yesr, so hoping for better things this time.

  2. Thanks for leaving your comment Anne. We were fortunate enough to have a great tomato season last time, but this was only because we took the chance and put our tomatoes in early. They were planted out the first week in Spring, and we were concern about the late frosts, but we did cover and protect them. Thank goodness we did this. As you know we had a short summer in the end and many tomatoes that were planted late never ripened. So we will take the chance again this year and plant early, as you never know with Melbourne's weather.

  3. Growing tomatoes is on my bucket list!