Sunday, 31 July 2011

Early harvest - asparagus

The weather has been amazing today in Melbourne. We are still in the middle of winter, however it has been a beautiful sunny day with a top of 19 degrees celcius. Other than today it has been quite cold here, but oddly enough I harvested the first of my asparagus today. Very early indeed, but very welcome.
This picture was actually take last week, so the asparagus heads are well and truely up now. Perhaps an early Spring is on its way?


  1. Can't wait til we get asparagus again! ours will be a bit slower in Macedon. planting potatoes today, feels very spring like!

  2. I really hope for spring too! Although forecast isn't good :(
    SO GLAD you found your bunny! And thank you for your beautiful message, I understand your worry over bunny perfectly!

  3. How exciting is emerging Asparagus!!! I found some in my garden too this morning!