Friday, 15 July 2011

Winter garden blues

Lack of motivation to be in the garden is definitely a problem this time of year. I have however managed to get outside and prune the roses and top dress the asparagus and berry patch with manure, ready for spring, this week.

I also trimmed up my Star Jasmine, ready for their big spring growth. I really do need to give them a good trim this time of year, otherwise they will lose their shape when they flower in November due to their huge growth spurt. They look bronze in colour at the moment, but this is normal for the colder month and come spring they will turn their dark green colour again.

I have a few of these on my fence line to fill in the gaps. They look great in late Spring/ Summer, when they are a mass of frangrant flowers.

We also have four pots up on our deck area that have been used in a similar way. They certainly break up the hard surfaces. We are just about to enclose this deck area, but the pots will remain.

After much contemplation and conversation with the garden centre staff, I decided on the two new fruit trees to be planted in our back yard. I have planted two pear trees, one a William and the other a Josephine. Sorry, the photo is shaded from my lemon tree.

Lastly, my newly planted veggie area is doing well, slowly, but healthy looking:

The rocket is up, the peas are getting there, the bok choy is going guns, and the broccoli is slow, but all looking very healthy.

Six more weeks to spring......

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